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City of Killeen Texas
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History of the City of Killeen Texas. The railroad platted a 70-block town on its land and named it after Frank P. Killeen, the assistant general manager of the railroad.

Many of the residents of the surrounding smaller communities in the area moved to Killeen, and by 1884 the town had grown to include about 350 people. Until the 1940s Killeen remained a relatively small and isolated farm trade center, but this changed drastically in 1942, when Camp Hood came (re-commissioned as Fort Hood in 1950) (Elvis Presley lived in Killeen for a time during his stint in the army.) By 1970 Killeen had developed into a city of 35,507 inhabitants and had added a municipal airport, a new municipal library, and a junior college (Central Texas College). Lightblub.better.idea 1 summary 31.1121; -97.7287
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